Those of you old enough to remember the now defunct 'Piecroft University' (formerly hosted on this web-site) will have no doubt came across Marianne Cavill.  Do forgive the unintentional pun... but really, it was intentional. If you do happen to recall - or perhaps even enrolled in 'PU' will remember the home page:

Who the said Ms. Cavill is, or perhaps was, is unknown to me at this time and, is suspect, you also. Well, she appeared, as far as my researches have taken me (which is actually not very far) in the glossy magazines of the early 1970's, in the US-of-A, and was one of a number of young women advertising the 'Mark Eden Developer'.

The Mark Eden Developer was a sort of breast enhancer for those less well endowed ladies who, desperate for a fuller figure though lacking the resources for augmentation, would part with a few dollars and the vain hope of looking a little more like Ms. Cavill here.  It looked a little like a clam shell with a sprung hinge which one would squeeze between ones hands (or something). 


Indeed there are plenty of scanned adverts for these things, and even an instruction book which some kind soul has uploaded onto the web, if you care to use your favourite search engine for it.  I do not intend to place any more here as I am already running the risk of offending that stifler of free speech - that evil little symbol © of which we are all so familiar with (as are the Iron-hammer and Miss Thomasina).

Where ever Ms. Cavill may be now, and I do hope she is fit and well, and should she wish to make communication with the webmaster for reasons of nostalgia or copyright then she is more than welcome to do so at the usual address.

Another such page shall be uploaded for your delectation should we reach the heady heights of 2000 hits on this site.  Adiéu.


This page is part of a planned, ongoing series of articles in memory of the now long departed Piecroft University, which occupied this web presence for several years.


This 'Marianne Cavill' tribute was placed here in celebration of the 1000th visitor to this web-site since November 2013 (Cracking hit-rate, eh Thomasina? Whatchagettinsoupsetabaht?)

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