The Webmaster appreciates that in this busy, modern world, things can become a little confusing and, somewhat perplexing.  So, like so many other web-presences out there, we are kindly providing you, the user of this website, with our own 'help' page.  However, there's a slight difference... Unlike other sites, with a profusion of tabs to click or search boxes to fill, only to present you with what you didn't want to know, we give a simple, readily understandable 'solve-all' in the useful help video, above.

As you can see, Suzette, the offices' own Dazzling Dummy, with a little help from her two talented, and ever-present friends, has taken time out from standing in the shop window right below the office to help you solve all your problems.  That's all there is to it, really!  Does that answer your question? Good, then your soul has indeed been saved!

If not, then please feel free to contact the Webmaster at



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